TN Construction services provides quality training services with partnered Registered Training Organisations for people wishing to obtain the necessary technical qualifications for low rise builder (QLD), Medium Rise Builder (Qld) and Builder (NSW) including most restricted builder licence classes.

CPC40110 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) and CPC50210 Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) are nationally accepted.

Some units for NSW and Queensland students may vary slightly owing to State licencing pre-requisites.

The training incorporates recognising prior qualifications. It also highlights the necessary evidence you need to supply to prove competency across the range of modules required to obtain a Certificate IV outcome. This may involve producing documentation from a recent substantial building project, answering relevant industry related questions and site visits. You will be required to supply references from previous employers supporting your relevant industry experience.

The assessment process is a flexible alternative pathway towards obtaining the necessary qualifications for your builder’s licence. This assessment process is done in your own time, off site and without disrupting your work commitments. You do not have to attend any face to face classes.

As it is a self-paced assessment model, you determine how long it takes. On average, TN Construction Services suggest that it would be completed within a six month period. It must be completed within twelve months. You will be supported by your assessor throughout the assessment process.

You can commence this assessment pathway at any time throughout the year.

On successful completion, you will receive a full or partial qualification from the CPC40110 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) training package or the CPC50110 – Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) from a partnered Registered Training Organisation.