Do you incorporate Recognition of Prior Learning as part of your assessment package?

Our assessment package will investigate previous work experiences. We will evaluate the currency, validity and relevance to the National Training Package competency units. It is accepted that industry experiences will be documented and presented in a manner that is expected by the National Competency Standards.

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a term that is used to reflect and recognise the individual’s skills, knowledge, experience and previous qualifications. We will investigate how these elements can be used and presented toward the acquisition of the technical outcome you are wishing to obtain at the Certificate IV and Diploma level as outlined in the National Building and Construction Training Package.

Do you recognise other documented training outcomes?

Using the principles of Recognition of Prior Learning, we at TN Construction Services will recognise a qualification previously issued by another Registered Training Organisation. It must be emphasised the qualification must be validated for authenticity and relevance to the outcome you are wishing to obtain.

Is the assessment outcome recognised nationally?

Yes. TN Construction Services is affiliated with respected Nationally Registered Training Organisations around Australia who are registered to issue nationally accredited Qualifications. The competency units are collated into the required Certificate IV and Diploma in building and construction parchments.

Can you service clients throughout Australia?

Yes we can. We have assessors located in various locations around Australia. We have a strong track record successfully servicing clients in remote locations.

Where and how is the assessment undertaken?

The assessment is a self paced program that can be completed within your home, office or work site.

Can a qualification in Certificate IV or Diploma in building an construction be achieved without attending formal face to face classes?

Yes. TN Construction Services engages and investigates Recognition of Prior Learning and other assessment practices other than formal class attendance to gather evidence of competency to achieve the required academic outcome. Every qualification we assess against is the result of industry consultation within each of the Australian States to meet acceptable industry standards or benchmarks. More simply, you must demonstrate an acceptable level of industry related knowledge that reflects an expected standard of performance and skill within the working environment of the building and construction industry.

Does TN Construction Services provide assessment tools in the Restricted Builder and Site Supervisor license classes (Queensland Building Services Authority license class)?

Yes. TN Construction Services have developed assessment packages to meet the technical outcome for each of these Queensland specific license classes.

Why is this any different to attending face to face classes?

The exciting concept to our assessment services is that all of the work required to complete the assessment is done at home, your office or job site. All of the assessment is completed at your pace in your time.

What geographic areas does TN Construction Services cover?

We are a Brisbane based company, but we service every Australian State and Territory.

Are there any extra fees incorporated in the cost of the assessment?

Yes. There are travel fees charged by the assessor to travel any area outside the assessor’ geographical location. We are always happy to discuss these costs on an individual basis.

What subject areas do TN Construction Services provide assessment services?

Diploma of Building and Construction, Certificate IV in Building and Construction, Certificate IV in Swimming Pool Construction, Restricted Builder (Queensland Partial Certificate IV outcome) – Shop fitting, Structural Landscaping, Signs, Swimming Pool construction, Kitchen bathroom and laundry, Special Structures – Signs and Shade Sails Certificate IV Building and Construction – Estimating Certificate IV Building and Construction – Contract Administration.

How can assessment in these specific qualifications benefit me?

The assessment packages and practices developed by TN Construction Services can benefit you in the following ways: The technical eligibility for a builder’s license, Reduce the study load, Re-entry into the workforce, Employment promotion or improvement, Career change, Entry into further education or training courses.